Our Story

The Same Direction




Established since 2007 - All TSD Brand products are handcrafted using Eco-friendly materials, 100% Eco genuine leather accents, 100% cotton canvas and 100% recycled nickel-free hardware.


Our handcrafted designs are created for the individual who understands and appreciates the work that goes into a well-made bag. Every TSD Brand product pays homage to nature and art with their original, innovative designs and painstaking detail. With every bag being crafted individually, each one is subtly unique. The longer our products are used, the better they age, growing with you to make a unique statement.


So what is “Eco Genuine Leather?”


Eco genuine leather is leather that has been tanned without the use of harmful chemicals such as chrome, phencyclidine, and azo dyes. We use plant-based dyes in our factories that are held to some of the most stringent environmental laws in the world. TSD Brand’s leather is 99% heavy-metal-and-chemical-free. We only use 100% genuine leather and 100% cotton lining in the production of our bags, belts, and wallets in order to keep our carbon footprint small and our planet safe. All of our products come pre-treated and ready for use. Although some companies may sell products to add water resistance, it is not necessary. 


TSD is raw and genuine. TSD features a bold aesthetic that defines its unique personality. The design philosophy embodies the lively spirit of the brand: down·to·earth, yet stylish. The products that bear the TSD name are a fusion of the past, present and future, making them at once classic, contemporary, and iconic -- full of unexpected details, friendly to where we live, and stand out for 'EARTH STYLE'!